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A confectionery's dream

Nelly Boclet has been just elected championne of France for the presentation of confectionery. Its window built starting from delicacies out of chocolate, dragees and other delicacies knew how to conquer the jury.

Three long hours had been necessary so that the dream of Nelly became reality. Its window on the topic imposed of the dream held the high dragee with the other candidates at the time of the national contest on the Intersuc show in Paris.

" My dream was that of a world of harmony and tolerance. With this intention I joined together three savours while mixing, of the black chocolate, the white and the milk chocolate in the small hearts and of the flowers in dragee. My work symbolizes from the colors the tolerance and the mixture of the people of the whole world.

It is not the first time that Nelly takes part in a presentation contest. For it, this work is also a true passion where there are many expression possibilities. " While creating one practises also the floral art. It is a work of creativity which makes it possible to give free court to its imagination. "Often people come to ask us to work on quite precise topics, our work will be to make a single part starting from the desired colors".

With the point of the fingers

There is no limit of work, so that the realization is acceptable, the craftsman will have to show much patience and generosity. Patience, by here the job made with the hand, the point of the fingers. One works of the sometimes fragile matters like crystal or melting like chocolate. It is also necessary to put heart at the work. It is necessary to be given to see being born the greediness which will decorate the table of married or the room from small baptized.

For almost twenty years that it practises this art, Nelly has spoken about its title as being " the fruit of the trade ", because for it, it is undeniable that this know-how cannot exist without long hours of partic. Its confectionery of Place BUGEAUD smells good the greediness and savours of antan where cotoient a multitude of delicious transitory clothes industries which; at the end of a duration, will not be able to resist the appetite of the guests of all generations.

Traducted from french version by Jean-Baptiste Marty


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